Obama's Tweet for Hawaii's Same Sex Marriage Bill

Yesterday on 11/12/13 history was made as the Hawaii State Senate passed the final reading of Same Sex Marriage SB-1.

Today the Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the Bill for an Act into law making Hawaii the 15th state where same sex couples can legally marry.

The Governor thanked the legislators at the invitation only signing, (that was live for all to view) for expressing themselves with patience and perseverance which is what it is to be living the true meaning of Aloha!

Governor Neil Abercrombie also said that this bill now law is “the epitome of our Constitution in action.” and quoted our Queen Liliuokulani, “If we can see our likenesses can we not be tolerant of our differences?”

Many people in this country have spent their entire life being invisible and hiding their hearts and actions. Today as each state in the union declares marriage equality into law, people can be visible to themselves and the whole world.

Obama's Tweet

Blessings to all,