Today I took the time to finish cleaning out my cupboards of that processed foods and those foods that claim to be “healthy” but really are not.  I have come to the conclusion that in order to keep my business healthy and happy I need to continue to grow not only spiritually but also physically keep up my health.  This will help to assure that I can keep doing what I love doing best; Hawaiian weddings, Hawaii Civil Unions and reception planning on Oahu and Kauai with a sharp mind and a loving touch.

When I officiated my first wedding and then coordinated my first reception in Hawaii over 8 years ago, it was so surreal.

All that love, passion, joy and appreciation expressed by the couples and their families enveloped me. They were so happy!

It is so rewarding to be able to help make people happy at a very special time of their lives by being their Hawaii wedding planner!

Today, I am still moving forward with new ideas for my Hawaii weddings and training new people to help me run the day to day tasks.  Great photography is very important so we make sure that the photography is fresh and consistence.  Our Oahu wedding photographers and Kauai wedding photographers have a great passion for their work and many years of training and experience.

I look forward to hearing your ideas for your wedding and or reception. Coordinating a wedding from so far away can be a daunting task. Let me show you how easy it can be to let us do all your wedding planning on Oahu or Kauai. Then you can just relax and enjoy the process and then enjoy the honeymoon!

Aloha pumehana,