When planning a wedding in Hawaii we will offer ways to go green to help our precious  Hawaiian beaches.  Here, we offer 10 simple green wedding essential ideas to incorporate sustainable practices anywhere you are and here in Hawaii.

  1. Select a venue with natural decor. Doing fancy décor causes a carbon a footprint because of all the materials needed.
  2. Use potted plants as centerpieces that double as favors. In Hawaii there are resources for potted Orchids.
  3. In Hawaii we like to honor those who have past by throwing lei (garlands of flowers) into the ocean. The string can hurt reefs and the fish. Use only loose flowers or petals instead.
  4. Send save-the-dates and directions via email or post them on your wedding Website. Use simple invitations on recycled paper to also save on cost and postage.
  5. Many photographers now have web galleries to view your images. Have your family and friends view them through the gallery rather than from hard copies.
  6. Use the same floral arrangements from the ceremony at the reception or restaurant. We will give you ideas on how to use local flowers whenever possible.
  7. Double bridesmaids’ bouquets as table decor at the reception.
  8. Have the bridesmaids where a dress they already have or will wear again or buy used dresses if possible.
  9. Instead of purchasing faux jewels, add a family heirloom to your bouquet. This can add sparkle and personalization.
  10. We can assist you with finding donation centers that will take any leftover food to a shelter and left over flowers to a nursing home.

Happy planning!