Oddessa and Jason at Sunset Beach Wedding

How do I begin planning my destination wedding? Where do I start?

Planning your destination wedding can be daunting from so far away especially with so many companies and services to choose from. For a simple Hawaii wedding ceremony or vow renewal in Hawaii at a beach, waterfall or garden location, please see the Oahu or Kauai packages page.

For those couples considering a wedding and reception on Oahu or Kauai please review the questions below.

1) Determine the style of your wedding. Do you want it to be casual or formal? Do you want to have a Hawaiian wedding a traditional wedding or a little of both? For a smaller amount of guests a sit down dinner at a restaurant or luau may be all that you need.

2) What type of ceremony do you want? Religious, non-denominational, Hawaiian, Jewish or mixed cultures? Do you want to hold the ceremony on the beach, garden, gazebo, church or chapel or at a private estate or hotel?

3) What time of day do you want to hold your wedding? A morning ceremony with a breakfast reception? A late morning ceremony for a Luncheon reception or an evening wedding for a dinner reception? There are other options as well.

4) Determine how casual or formal you see your reception. Are you visioning passed hor d’oeuveres and a plated meal, food stations or buffet style?

5) Would you be interested in having the reception at a private estate a hotel or restaurant with a private room? You should now have a clear understanding of what points to consider. A professional coordinator will be able to help you with determining a feasible budget for what you are considering. Please call or email for a free consultation.

Note: Please realize that emails are not always reliable. If you do not hear from us in 2-3 days please call if possible or resend your email from an alternate email address and resend the original email just in case it got mixed in with the spam mail.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!