The Wedding Luau

A Luau is a Hawaiian feast accompanied by traditional Island entertainment.  What better way to celebrate your Hawaiian wedding than with a unique Hawaiian Luau!

Hawaiian ceremonies and traditions are very often some of the most anticipated events of any visit to Hawaii. A Rainbow in Paradise can assist you with your private wedding luau, designed on a smaller scale than those at public venues. They can assist you with menu and activity selections which will enhance your enjoyment and make the most of your personalized Hawaiian Wedding Luau. Both you and your guests will take home memories of some of those longed for experiences  often dreamt of as part of any visit to the Hawaiian Islands.

The Imu Ceremony

An Imu is a traditional Hawaiian cooking pit.  Long before your wedding celebration begins, a large pit will be dug and then lined with hot kiawe coals and lava rocks called pohaku.  When the temperature is just right, the pig (if you have chosen Kalua Pig), and possibly some of the other dishes you have selected for your wedding feast, will be placed down into the pit and then covered with special leaves and cloths to slowly steam and cook.  Prior to dining, the leaves and cloth will be ceremoniously pulled away from the Imu revealing the delicacies you have chosen.  Imu masters will then take the foods away to prepare them for serving.

Do the Hukilau!

While you and your guests await the wedding feast,  why not enjoy some participatory entertainment?  Hukilau is a way to fish created by venerable native Hawaiian fisherman of days gone by.  A group of people, typically family and friends, would gather at a beach to line their fishing nets with Ti leaves and, together, cast their giant nets into the ocean.  The Ti leaves would draw the fish toward the center of the nets, making it easier for the fisherman to pull in their catch.  Typically,  there was much fun and revelry as the nets were thrown, the catch divided and shared.  Today this ancient tradition can be celebrated as an audience participation event involving the Hukilau Hula dance and song and symbolic casting of fishing nets.  It is a delightful, and often raucous, way to create many great memories of your special day!

Lei Making

The history of lei making in Hawai`i began with the arrival of the Polynesians. Throughout the South Pacific, Polynesians honored their gods by twining greens into wreaths and adorning their own bodies with strings of flowers and vines. When they arrived in Hawai`i, in addition to the useful plants they brought for food, medicine and building, the Polynesian people also brought ginger (`awapuhi), a fragrant flower used for decoration and adornment. While plumeria and orchids are the flowers most people are familiar with, ‘awapahui, hibiscus, Kikui blossoms and certain vines and mosses are also traditional. Creating their own lei as they arrive at your celebration would be a wonderful way to welcome your family and friends into the spirit of Aloha.  A Rainbow in Paradise can help you choose which flowers and greens are just right for your Hawaiian Wedding Luau.

The Big Show

And, naturally, there is the much loved traditional Hula show which A Rainbow in Paradise will arrange to have performed especially for you and your guests. Professional Hawaiian musicians and hula dancers bring forth the true meaning of Aloha with their songs and dances. More audience participation can be offered here as well. The newlyweds are honored with a special song as the solo hula dancer tells her story with lovely hula hands.  As the grande finale of your Wedding Luau show, a Samoan fire dancer is always a highlight of any Polynesian Performance. Aloha Pumehana! Warmest aloha!

Learn More

A Rainbow in Paradise offers private Oahu luaus, wedding ceremonies and locations. Give us a call at (808) 372-0343 to get started on your Hawaiian wedding plans or ask any questions you may have. We’re happy to help.