Anini Beach

Anini Beach is a beautiful location for your Kauai Wedding! Located 20 minuets from Hanalei and 30 minuets from Kapa’a Town. With many photographic opportunities available our professional photographers will capture the beauty of your Kauai Tropical Wedding. Bob shot all of the images below. See more of Bob’s images here.

There are several different stories about the name of this beach. The actual name of the beach is Wainini Beach, meaning spilled water. Signs were erected, but the name may have been misspelled “Wanini,” missing the “I.” Somewhere along the line the “W” was either forcefully removed or is wore away leaving the name as “Anini.” The locals say that a resident was upset over the misspelling and shot off the “W” from the first sign. Others say that the “W” was removed by Hurricane Inikiki in 1992. Other folks say the “W” disappeared long before that.

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