In Hawaii we have so many beautiful tropical flowers. They grow all year round and many make wonderful bouquets and Hawaiian leis for our Hawaiian weddings and receptions on Oahu and Kauai.

The demand for flowers can be overwhelming at times so florists have to order from Thailand, Australia the mainland US and other sources as well for roses.

I have compiled some of the most popular mixes for you to enjoy.

1) The Stargazer Lily is very fragrant and we sometimes get the larger blooms. Stargazers are available year round.

2) Cymbidium Orchids are very popular for weddings and there are a variety of colors almost year round. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day usually makes these blooms scarce. They are very lovely with so many combinations to explore.

3) The Calla Lily is another popular flower for simple bouquets and reception center pieces and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

4) The Plumeria is a beautiful fragrant flower that grows wild in Hawaii but only a handful of them are used for bouquets as shown here. They are in season late spring through summer/fall and make nice flowers besides the smaller dendrobium orchids for your hair.

Let us know if you would like these special flowers for your wedding day!

Thank you,