Aloha from Hawaii!

Peru-School-Kids-03I am back safe from my trip to Peru and left for the airport on a motorcycle! The town of Juliaca was rioting against their corrupted mayor and blocked streets with rocks and shards of glass so no large vehicles could go through. The commuter airport was only 10 mins. away from where I was stopped but it took us 1hour to zig-zag and wind our way through.

We did complete our mission earlier in the trip and made a lot of children very happy! More adventures to come and a photo gallery.

I have another important news item to share regarding same sex marriages in Hawaii. First of all I would like to express my deep belief that all adults should be able to love and marry whom they choose as long as both are consenting to the marriage.  I have been performing marriages, commitment and civil unions and coordinating weddings in Hawaii for all people from all over the world for over 10 years. The love is all the same; genuine, caring deep and with the support of family and friends.

Soon or if not as this moment Hawaii’s people will be in a special hearing for the passing of marriage rights for same sex couples. Hawaii will be the 15th state in the USA that will have legalized same sex marriage. It’s time for the Aloha State to extend their Aloha and accept that all people are equal in the eyes of the Creator. He does not discriminate.

See a clip from the media from last night. I and a friend were waving signs and a Rainbow flag. More information will be blogged as it comes in.


Thank you, Kalona

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