Peruvian Quetchua Children-mainFor the past two years Kalona has gone on a Spiritual journey to Peru to be a part of the giving of monetary donations and supplies to Casa Hogar del Sol dba Paskay at Paskay is a statement of purpose. “Paskay”, a Peruvian Quetchua word, means to break the bonds of limitations and poverty in order to reach one’s potential. She has also joined a nonprofit called “Enlightened Humanitarians” founded by Dr. Sharon Forest in Vancouver, Canada. They are helping by putting together fund raisers throughout the year and then passing on the funds to Paskay in Peru.

“I wanted to help make a difference to a third world country and when I was guided to Peru, I knew that I found an honest organization such as Paskay. ALL the funds and supplies go directly to those in need. Peru has given me so much to feed my soul and life’s purpose, now I can give with my deepest Aloha.”

Kalona reached out to her friends and colleagues this year. These are the people who donated generously to the cause:Litas Flowers and Leis, Oahu

  • Jeanne Marie Photography, Oahu
  • Stephen Ludwig Photography, Oahu
  • My Movii, Sam Barnhart, Director 
  • Kristen Hook Photography, Hawaii 
  • Joseph Esser Photography, Hawaii
  • Pastor Myles Nakasone 
  • Katie Doyle, Film Casting Manager           
  • Lisa Snyder, Friend
  • Beauty by May, Oahu
  • Kahu Ryan Kalama, President of the Kailua Hawaiian Civic Club
  • Kahuhine Rosemary Cuccia 
  • Carol Williams, Executive Director of Professional Women’s Network
  • Kaliko o Kapolai, Hula Halau
  • Camille’s on Wheels Catering, Oahu 
  • Jeannine Billand, CNA Paulette Tan, Member Kailua Civic Club     
  • Richard Kalama, Construction
  • Cheryl Bechart, Friend                                
  • Stacy Mallory, Coordinator, Kauai
  • Sweet Marie’s, Kauai                                     
  • Dale Palileo, Marketing and Web Design
  • Cheryl Acosta, Preschool Teacher

Paskay is an international, non-governmental, non denominational, non-profit organization that seeks to affirm the dignity and worth of every human being and to encourage respect for people without distinction as to race, color, creed, sex, religion, language, or social status.

Paskay is dedicated to exploring all avenues and possibilities in the humanities and sciences that further the full realization of human potential and to fostering the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all those in need in the High Andean Mountains of Peru.

When founded:

In 1990 Dr. Sharon Forrest ND, PhD went to Peru’s Sacred Valley for the 1st time and fell in love with the indigenous children whom she met on the streets, most living in extreme poverty. She became their much-loved “Mama Sharon”. In 2000 Dr. Sharon established a NGO, nonprofit to provide a means for others to contribute to the well being of children similar to those she had supported for years in Peru’s. She declared, “I decided to start both POTH and CHDS because I realized that I could no longer do it all alone. Countless more children desperately need sponsorship.” Mama Sharon has helped scores of children and adults change their lives forever. Two of her numerous “adopted” Peruvian children were Washington, whom she met when he was a child of nine and Carlos a child of twelve. Her support of Washi and Carlos inspired them to give back to the people of their community.

In 2008 she co-founded Casa Hogar Del Sol/Paskay with Carlos. To find out more about Dr. Forrest please go to

Carlos Gibaja Tapia is Peruvian and is the president and cofounder of Paskay. As well as running his spiritual tour business “Eagles and Condors”

Carlos has a desire to help communities help themselves and is a key member of the team focusing on community relations. Carlos raises funds for the project s through donations from his business and through promoting the project with his spiritual tour groups.