This year Kalona is going to Peru on another Spiritual journey. She will also be volunteering to help with a yearly celebration held by Paskay and Casa Hogar del Sol. A non-profit organization dedicated to making a bigger difference in the lives of those children less fortunate.

Paskay is dedicated to exploring all avenues and possibilities in the humanities and sciences that further the full realization of human potential and to fostering the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all those in need in the High Andean Mountains of Peru.

To read more and to see how you can help click here.

Kalona will bring monetary donations, pencils, socks for children, lots of hugs and some Hawaiian goodies for the other volunteers. Children will cone from far, far away walking for miles just to receive a toy, a cup of hot chocolate and bread.

“I am so honored to be able to be a part of what this organization is doing for so many impoverished children and adults. I thank all of you who happily donated to this cause.”

While Kalona is gone, Rosemary and Anna will be doing their best to assist you with your requests. She will be back by December 23rd.


Many blessing to you and yours…