Today we are highlighting our Waikiki locations and a few of the happy couples that we met this year. It is a big convenience for many couples to have their wedding near Waikiki due to transportation issues and time restraints. Let me consult you in what is best for your situation. Click here for our Waikiki Wedding Packages.

The Waialae Beach park is also known as Kahala Beach. Located about 15 mins drive from Waikiki. This area has an off shore islet with palm trees on it. Makes for a nice photograph. The park area is lined with palm trees so if you want to have your ceremony on grass this is a nice option as well.

Magic Island is 10 mins from Waikiki on the opposite side of Diamond Head. This famous crater has been photographed thousands and thousands of times by people from all over the world! Magic Island is not really an island but a peninsula and got it’s name from developers in the 60’s. You can see the sun drop right into the water for some nice photographs of Sunset! Sweet! I look forward to hearing from you!