Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

In ancient time marriage as it is known today did not exist. There were no contracts whether religious or civil. Many couples had enduring relationships nevertheless. There was a ceremony called the ho’ao and was a ritual of the chiefly class. The purpose of the ho’ao was not to bind a couple in marriage but to produce offspring whose rank was certain and whose reservoir of mana was assured. High ranking kahuna or priests, members of the chiefly families and others who had interest in the line offered prayers and rituals and chants that were suggestive of the qualities sought in the hope for offspring. This was done for days, weeks and sometimes months of waiting for confirmation of the pregnancy.

Kahu Ryan Kalama

Kahu Ryan Kalama with a recently wed couple

When doing a ceremony today, several Hawaiian elements can incorporated into a traditional ceremony such as the blowing of the conch shell or pu, chanting and blessing of rings with salt water from the ocean. Also the blessing of the space or beach area prior to the ceremony.  Many couples love the exchange of Hawaiian lei between each other and or family members and guests.

The Kahu Ryan Kalama embraces the unification of the couples he blesses on their special day. By blessing the area of the ceremony prior to the arrival of guests he opens up the spiritual pathways.  In a natural setting the ambience of nature is present if one looks and listens to the birds, turtles, wind, trees rustling and the sunrise or sunset or a sudden rainbow that may appear. We now share a bonding experience with all things Hawaiian.

The sensitivity of the ceremony is very important to the Kahu and he will customize his ceremony as each couple wishes it to be. He makes a spiritual bond with couples and becomes part of on their new journey of life. Your Hawaiian ceremony will never be forgotten and will be performed with the true spirit of Aloha.