Civil Unions in Hawaii are off to a great start! How wonderful that so many couples are now coming to celebrate their love in paradise!

Our Ministers on Oahu and Kauai have all been certified since the 1st of January to legally perform the ceremony. I have come across a few couples that were not able to find a simple service just so they can get the basic paper work done. We are ready to do smaller service if that is all you require. Many wedding ministers simply do not want to be part of a Civil Union.

Rev Kahuhine Rosemary Oahu

Rev. Kahuhine Rosemary Cuccia

Our Rev. Rosemary Cuccia has been performing ceremonies of all types with us for 4 years and has experience in many different types of cultures and is also Christian. She will customize your ceremony as you wish. Whether you prefer religious or non religious ceremony she is happy to write it up your way.

Minister Amorosa Kauai

Minister Amorosa DeGracia

On Kauai we have the Rev. Amorosa DeGracia. She will also assist you with the creation of your ceremony by sending you samples to work with to edit as you please. She is a joy to work with! We also arrange simple ceremonies with Unity Church Ministers.
Our goal is to embrace you and to always give you the ceremony you envision!