Hawaii Beach Wedding

Congratulations! It’s your BIG day! In order to make sure that this day goes perfectly well, make sure the essentials for your wedding day are in place. Here’s our “can’t miss” list of wedding essentials that will help you plan the basics well before the wedding date:

1. Marriage License

If you forget this, you might as well call off the wedding! Your marriage license is required by the State of Hawaii so make sure that you and your partner have this important document before you get married, as it allows a marriage to legally take place. The process of obtaining one is fairly simple. Information about obtaining one is available from our Marriage License page.

2. Officiate or Minister

Hawaiian WeddingA wedding can’t occur if you don’t have an officiant (also known as a marriage performer) that is legally licensed to perform marriages in the State of Hawaii. Make sure that you choose someone that knows your religious background (if you desire to highlight that during your wedding ceremony) or specific invocations that mean a lot to you and your partner. At A Rainbow in Paradise, we will gladly customize your ceremony according to your specifications.

3. Location

While Hawaii has many different locations that would surely make your big day memorable, make sure you know the pros and cons of each beach, garden or waterfall location that’s available to you. Ask around, study some photos, and get expert opinions from people who know each location really well. There are blogs and forums on the Internet that can help you with this, or if you want to cut to the chase, just ask Kalona!

4. What to Wear

Hawaii Wedding AttireKeep your wedding attire simple for a Hawaiian beach wedding but this does not mean you have to lose elegance. Choose light breathable fabrics with barer necklines that will keep you cool in our warm tropical climate. Don’t overdo beading or choose a dress with heavy accents like large pearls or rhinestones. If you are having your wedding at a luxury hotel then it is appropriate to wear a ball gown or poufy princess dress.

For the groom, a light button down shirt or Aloha wear is very nice with light Khaki slacks or shorts. If you really want to wear a jacket then choose one that is on the lighter side. Many grooms take them off during the beach photos then put them back on at the reception. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you choose the right attire according to your theme.

5. Photography

And of course, who can forget about the beautiful photography that comes with such a joyous occasion! As with your location, make sure that you have a photographer that takes photos in the style that you want. Take a look at our Oahu Wedding Photographers or Kauai Wedding Photographers to get ideas on how you want your day to be remembered.

Luckily, you won’t have to worry about most of these things if you have a wedding coordinator in Hawaii to help you with all these details, plus a few more things such as reception, make-up and flowers.

Kalona OrtizIf you have any questions or if you’re ready to plan your dream Hawaiian wedding, contact Kalona or give her a call at (808) 372-0343.